halloween home decor.

If you know me you know my favorite holiday is Halloween. Ever since I was little I remember watching scary movies with my siblings and mom (my dad was never into scary movies). When Fall rolls around I'm always on Netflix watching tacky ghost adventure shows. 
Glass Stars: Kurt Knudsen Pumpkin Garland: My Minds Eye Skeleton Table Runner: Pottery Barn Halloween Tassel Garland: Tassel Love BOO Marquee Letters: Grandin Road

When my sister lived in Germany her friends would drive over to Poland and buy Polish pottery. We took a girls trip to Poland back in April and I found a few more halloween skulls and pumpkins. I didn't take a picture of the Polish Halloween plate/mug set yet, but I will! 

nursery room.

When we found out we were having a girl I was so excited to decorate her nursery. I'm a lover of all things feminine and pink and I haven't really expressed that throughout our home. I also love a good challenge for finding things on sale, so there are very few items in her room that were purchased full price.
This room is so special to me because there are so many handmade items from my family in here. My dad made the standing bookshelf/cubby underneath the window - I keep blankets, books, and stuffed animals in the cubbys. My mom made the circle quilt on the rocker. I'll cherish this quilt forever! When we went to Washington for my baby shower we picked out the fabric and she made it in time for Daisy's blessing. My sister made the DAISY MARIE garland (details below).
^^My super talented sister-in-law painted the animal pieces. She originally painted the giraffe and when we were trying to get pregnant I bought it from her. Then when we found out we were pregnant and having a girl we commissioned her to paint the flamingo and ostrich.^^
^^I bought a 2016 calendar from Anthropologie on clearance, cut out the artwork, and framed them with Ikea frames. Tate and I have been to those four places so it seemed fitting for her room (and technically Daisy has been to Paris too on our babymoon!)^^
^^My sister made the "DAISY MARIE" garland from her own paper line, Turn the Page.^^

Crib Details:
 Crib -Jet.com
• Pink lamb pillow - West Elm
• Rivulet quilt - Anthropologie
• Crib sheet + skirt from Anthropologie
• Decorative Pillow - Anthropologie

On Walls:
 Circular Mirror - Target
• Travel Prints - Rifle Paper Co
 House Shelf - Target
• Embroidered print - from our honeymoon in Cabo
• Quail print - West Elm
• Corner shelves - Ikea

• Dresser - Ikea
• Moroccan Pouf - Etsy
• Rocker - Downeast Home
• Side Table - West Elm

• Rug - West Elm
• Knobs on Dresser - Anthropologie
• Marble Lamp - West Elm
• Pineapples on Side Table - Anthropologie
• Globe - Thrifted

I loved spending time in here while I was pregnant and it's even more fun now that Daisy's here. She still sleeps in our room (which we really do enjoy) but I love hanging out in the nursery with her reading books on the rocker. 

daisy's blessing.

Miss Daisy was blessed on September 3rd and both of our families from all over came to celebrate this special day with us (both of my grandparents from Utah, my siblings, Tate's aunt and uncles - it was awesome seeing everyone!). Tate's aunt took my wedding dress and sewed the fabric into a baby blessing dress for Daisy. I wanted the shape to be similar to my wedding dress and she made it look so beautiful. We're going to keep her dress forever. And who knows - maybe Daisy's baby will one day wear the dress for her blessing.

After she was blessed we had a luncheon at our house with pulled pork sandwiches, chips, salad, and lots of treats. We had close to 50 friends and family at our home celebrating Daisy. My sister made Daisy a garland from her own paper line, Turn the Page. And my mom made dozens of yellow and white tassels (shop TasselLove on Etsy) to hang in our back yard. It was over 100° that afternoon so we didn't spend too much time outside, but the tassels were so pretty (I just took them down after a month of keeping them up). I wish I had half the design talent that my family has.

We're so grateful that Daisy is ours for eternity. She's been such a blessing in our lives. I know every parent says this, but we're not sure how we existed without a baby! She's so fun to be around and her smile is contagious. 

yellowstone national park

Tate raced Lotoja over the weekend and we decided to make a road trip/vacation out of it. Today we drove to Yellowstone from Idaho Falls. We haven't been here in about 3 years since we went to college at BYU-Idaho so it was a huge trip down memory lane coming here:
^^Grand Prismatic Hot Springs^^
^^We spent a lot of time walking around this boardwalk and took a ton of pictures. Couldn't decide which ones were my favorite so I'm posting all of them :)^^
^^My man and our baby^^
^^We parked in the busy parking lot, made sandwiches and ate lunch in the car while I fed Daisy, then made it just in time to watch the Old Faithful geyser.^^
^^Old Faithful Geyser^^
^^I wasn't expecting this many people in Yellowstone at this time of year, but it was packed.^^
^^Spotted a few buffalo along the Lower Loop scenic drive.^^
^^Emerald Pool^^
^^Couldn't resist! We didn't actually hike to Daisy Geyser (because, well, Daisy wasn't really in the mood) but we had to take a picture in front of the sign.^^
Tomorrow Tate and his dad are going fishing and we're heading into Rexburg to meet up with old friends. Idaho, you've been so good to us! 

daisy's birth story.

Our baby girl is finally here! My due date was July 9th but she came a few days late. A few weeks before the 'big day' I was having doctors appointments once a week to check on the baby's heartbeat and growth. On June 26th I went in and my doctor checked my cervix; I was 4cm dilated, 70% effaced, and her head was in position in the pelvic cavity. My doctor mentioned that this was the week I'd be having the baby! I went home and was SO excited we'd finally meet our baby girl. Every day came and went - no baby. Just over a week later I went in and I measured the same (4cm dilated and 70% effaced). Dr. Lewis went ahead and stripped my membranes and said 'we'll see you in the hospital in the next 48 hours!'. Again, we were nervous and excited that the birth of our baby was so close. In fact, we didn't schedule an appointment for the next week because we knew I'd have the baby by then. The next 48 hours came and went.... still no baby. Our original plan was to wait a full 7 days after my due date to get induced but I was feeling miserable. I had been having Braxton Hicks for the past 3-4 weeks and my pelvic area was aching from the baby being in the birth position.

I had been planning for 9 months to do a natural birth. I read HypoBirthing books, listened to CDs, and mentally prepared myself for a birth without assistance. I have nothing wrong with moms using an epidural or drugs to help with the pain, but I really wanted to be aware of the surges/contractions I was going to have and I figured women have been doing natural births since the beginning of time so I could too.

I was so miserable and let down from being told I was going to have the baby early and then passing my due date, that I called my doctor to push forward my induction date. On July 12th, we went into the hospital at 6:50 in the morning. My doctor didn't show up to the hospital until around 11AM and broke my water. I started feeling real labor contractions almost immediately. I could have never imagined the pain of contraction! These contractions made my Braxton Hicks feel like a complete joke. My birthing plan immediately flew out the window. But I wasn't ready to surrender to an epidural, so my nurses offered a drug called Stadol to 'take the edge off'. My body really didn't react well to the Stadol - I'd fall into a deep sleep for about 90 seconds, then wake up in agonizing pain with contractions, then fall back asleep, etc etc. The drug was supposed to last for 90 minutes but it ended up staying in my system for 3 1/2 hours. I felt like I was on a hard street drug - I couldn't tell the difference between my deep dreams and reality. The Stadol really didn't take the pain away. My body wanted to push the baby out and I needed something stronger. I felt like I had to use all of my effort to not push the baby out. Apparently I was screaming so loud for an epidural that the anesthesiologist pushed back other future moms to come into my room and give me the epidural.

When I got the epidural and felt so much better. I was still very loopy and tired from the Stadol but I no longer felt any pain. My mom flew in from Seattle and she came just before the baby arrived. I was dilated to an 8 and it was almost time to push. My mom and mother-in-law left the room to grab Chipotle for dinner for after I had the baby (and Tate and I wanted to be the only ones in the room when I had the baby). My doctor arrived and it was time to push! I held my breath and pushed 5 times and she came out! Dr. Lewis was cheering me on and I couldn't feel a thing. I knew she was close because I could feel a lot of pressure but I didn't realize she was coming out so quickly. Baby Daisy arrived at 4:47PM, just 15 minutes after my mom and mother-in-law had left the room. On a side note, we didn't tell anyone the name of Daisy. We both loved the name early on during pregnancy but wanted to wait until meeting her to give her an official name. She was a Daisy for sure!

Our baby was immediately placed on my chest after she was born and I was so shocked. I really couldn't believe that this baby girl was ours and that she'd be ours for eternity. In that moment I had never felt more loved by my Heavenly Father. I was so grateful that he trusted Tate and I to take care of Daisy on Earth. I was still loopy from the Stadol and I thought I would be a big teary mess, but I was just shocked she was actually here. It wasn't until I saw Tate with tears in his eyes that it became 'real' to me. He kept telling me how proud he was of me and I could tell how extremely excited and proud he was to finally be a dad. They took Daisy to measure and clean her then they placed her back on my chest. She had hair! She had ten toes and ten fingers! Her skin was pink! I've never seen anything so perfect and straight from Heaven. 

Daisy has been a huge blessing in our lives. It took us exactly a year to get pregnant (and while that really isn't that long it was a trying time for us) but she was worth the wait. We're adjusting to parenthood and we've had sleepless nights since the 12th of July but I wouldn't trade it for anything in the world. She's our little Milk Piranha who wants to nurse and snuggle all day and night. We love her so much! 

Sundance, Utah.

We LOVE going to my great grandparents cabin in Sundance, Utah (see our trip from last summer here) so when the opportunity arose to relax up there for the weekend we couldn't say no. We packed our bags and drove six hours to one of my favorite places on Earth:
The baby is due in five weeks (what?!) so my sister in law snapped a few photos of us behind the cabin. This is one of my favorite 'hikes' to Stewart Falls - the green fields are something else! We didn't actually hike to the falls while I was wearing this dress, just took pictures in the field then went back to the cabin:
^^On Saturday morning we hiked up to Stewart Falls - the falls and river are roaring right now, and I've never gotten so wet from the falls before! Normally there is much less water, but it did feel nice cooling off from the mist.^^

Tate and I love to travel - but there is something about Sundance that makes it one of my favorite places on Earth. I have so many memories coming up here as a child and there's nothing like 'unplugging' for the weekend, grilling every meal on the porch, and eating/reading along the river. I finished an entire book over the weekend and didn't check social media once! I can't wait to bring baby girl up here next time.
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